Program Description

Program Description

This non-accredited workshop series is designed to build and enhance an appreciation for Indigenous knowledge, specifically Hodinohso:ni’ thought and philosophy, as a framework when approaching peacebuilding. Continuing Education students within these workshops will be guided by experts in the field as they engage in critical thought and rich discussion around theories and practice of peacebuilding amongst peers. 

This year’s Peacebuilding workshop series includes:

  1. Education for and as Peacebuilding, facilitated by Darren Thomas
  2. Environmental Justice as Peace, facilitated by Darren Thomas
  3. Indigenous Women and Peacebuilding, facilitated by Sara General

Location: Seneca Room, Six Nations campus (2160 Fourth Line Road, Ohsweken ON)


  • Complete your registration form online by clicking on the workshop of choice or by clicking on the workshop from the 'Events' page.
  • Registrations are not considered complete until workshop fees are paid. See Payments section for how to pay your workshop fee & secure your spot in the workshop.
  • Students must be 18 years or older to register for the CE Artisan Series.
  • Students must meet prerequisite requirements if applicable. [some workshops have a prerequisite which means students must take the intro level workshop in order to be eligible for registration]
  • Limited spaces are available within each of the classes.


  • Payment must be received 3 business days after registration in order to secure your spot. Your spot will be released if payment is not made.
  • All payments must be received prior to the workshop date.
  • Students can pay their workshop fee at the Six Nations campus reception office. Cash, credit, and debit are accepted.
  • Payment can be made by phone by calling the Six Nations campus reception office with a credit card or Visa Debit.
  • Refunds will not be given for no-shows.
  • Refund requests, under the extenuating circumstance, must be made by contacting before the workshop date. Refund requests will not be honoured after the workshop date(s).

2019 Schedule

(All workshops be held at the Six Nations campus (2160 Fourth Line Road, Ohsweken ON) in the Seneca room)



Date & Time


Education for and as Peacebuilding” with Darren Thomas

This workshop will examine the philosophical underpinnings of Hodinohsó:ni thought.  Understanding the central tenets of Hodinohsó:ni philosophy is essential to Hodinohsó:ni citizenship.  This philosophy informs how the Hodinohsó:ni used their ancient and spiritual knowledge to construct a society based upon peace and universal justice.

9:00AM – 3:00PM


Environmental Justice as Peace” with Darren Thomas

The workshop will explore the Hodinohsó:ni beliefs about Creation, which is that all elements of the universe has a spirit and deserves to be honoured.  We as humanity are here to be caretakers of Creation.  We have to understand our dependence on the Natural world and consider Mother Earth to be the primary holder of knowledge, because she holds the answers to live a happy, full life. 

9:00AM – 3:00PM


Indigenous Women and Peacebuilding” with Sara General

This workshop will explore aspects of Haudenosaunee matriarchal society, and discuss how the roles and participation of Indigenous women in Haudenosaunee civilizations is an enactment and embodiment of peacebuilding. This workshop also explores how Haudenosaunee civilization is structured upon equity and equality of all, which is a critical element of how peacebuilding may be implemented today. Themes of connectedness, dialogue, acceptance, peace, love, and transformation in Hodinohsó:ni cultural stories will also be discussed.

9:00AM – 3:00PM