Program Description

The Bachelor of Arts in Ogwehoweh Languages degree seeks to further the continued development of Ogwehoweh cultural understanding within an Ogwehoweh language context. This Six Nations Polytechnic accredited undergraduate degree focuses on Mohawk language and grammar as the core area of study. 

Please note that admission to this program will have limited course enrollment.

The application for Fall 2020 is available now!

Admission Requirements: 

Admission is on the basis of OSSD transcript.

A 65% admission average is required on the applicant’s best six Grade 12 University or Mixed (i.e. 12U or 12M) courses.

Students who do not meet the admission requirement may be considered for admission as a Mature Student with limited course enrollment.

Total Fees: $7584.00*

*Based on 2020/2021 fee structure; subject to change.

Application Fee: $30 non-refundable.

Career Paths: 
  • Teacher
  • Education Assistant
  • Instructor
  • Librarian
  • Education Resource Developer
  • Curriculum Writer
  • Curriculum Resource Developer
  • Website Developer
  • Policy Analyst
  • Artist
  • Filmmaker
  • Illustrator
  • Writer
  • Principal
  • Researcher
  • Translator
  • Language Revitalization Strategist