Program Description

This course provides candidates with practical experience in developing teaching strategies in Indigenous conversational and written language education. Candidates participate in simulations, workshops, and interpersonal learning to learn techniques in experiential education, critical pedagogy, and critically reflective assessment and evaluation for use in the Indigenous language classroom. The candidates’ prior learning and experiences positively affect the course environment for mentorship, team-learning, collaborative inquiry, and independent study. The Teaching Mohawk AQ provides relevant, meaningful, and practical experience for candidates in reading, writing, reflection, dialogue, and expression in the Mohawk language. Candidates complete the AQ with an independent study collaboratively designed with the instructor that involves an interview, translation or transcription, and final preparation of narrative written in accepted Mohawk diacritic and orthographic forms.

Admission Requirements: 

Teachers certified with the Ontario College of Teachers are eligible to take AQ courses. Ontario B.Ed students may take courses prior to membership with OCT, if they have met all the requirements to graduate and if they have applied to the OCT for a Certificate of Qualification.

Special permission may be granted by SNP to allow those without teacher qualifications to enrol.

Candidates must be qualified for admission according to Regulation 184-97 of the Ontario College of Teachers Act.

Certification will be recommended to the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) for those candidates who successfully complete the course, and who hold membership with OCT, and who hold a valid or interim Certificate of Qualification/letter of Eligibility.

Career Paths: 

Teaching or assisting with primary, junior, secondary and post-secondary students.